What We Do

We connect businesses with their customers through active and revolutionary advertising methods.

Blogs, Website / Apps Engagement

Do you want to increase the impressions/registration on your website? Do you recently launch an App and you need massive downloads, registrations and continuous usage of this App but have no idea on how to go about these? Digiadd is the solution!!!

Organizing Online classes/campaigns

Are you an online course trainer, do you suffer from low turn up in online classes and webinars hosted by you or you know someone that does?
DigiAdd is here to put an end to that by projecting your campaign continuously to as many Audiences as possible.


Are you in any competition/ contest and in need of users? Are you on the verge of loosing or you just joined a competition and needs Real users/fans to come out massively to support you? Then look no further as Digiadd.co has thousands of users ready to work for you.

Create Twitter trends/ Awareness

Do you need massive engagement on twitter on a particular Subject matter? Do you need twitter followers, likes and retweet? Do you need to grow your twitter page with real followers? Look no further as you are the reason for the digiadd initiative!

Youtube subscribers/ likes

Do you have a Youtube channel that has little or no subscribers and you want to change this? Do some of your uploaded videos lack likes/views? DigiAdd audience can easily change this by getting you active subscribers. Waste no more time in contacting us.

Instagram followers / likes

Do you have an instagram page that has little or no followers and you want to change this? Do you have a post that needs likes? DigiAdd audience can easily change this by getting you active subscribers. Contact us now so we help grow your page.

Why Choose Us

Creative solutions to improve your business!

So, are you a business owner? Do you have a business brand? Are you organizing a campaign or competition and in need audience? To cut it short... Do you want to reach a large and unique audience? Digiadd is here for that!

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Making you stand out by creating a bold brand identity and extending your reach through whatsapp. Let us define your business.


Digiadd can help you Capture a larger audience via whatsapp. Put your business online and take advantage of a whole new market for your products & services. With our user base of 9,000+ users and 100+ influencers across all social media, we can assist you in reaching an audience of over 500k depending on what you paid for.


We are fully transparent about our business model and practices. Our clients can be confident that we operate to the highest possible standards of integrity and are committed to serving their best interests. We give adequate and detailed documentation of any promotion in case any clients needs it.

Unique Audiences

The best way to reach out to audience faster these days are through social media. Its been said that 80% of Whatsapp users mostly view status than chat on the platform and whatsapp has over 300 million users currently. So yes, we have your audience and we can reach them directly.


Get Better Solution For Your Business With DigiAdd

No fake products and services. The customer is king, their lives and needs are the inspiration.

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